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This is my son.
At the time I took this picture he was three years old. He had, (and still has), the zest, passion and enthusiasm we associate with three-year olds. And I don’t know why they always find the expression thereof six o’clock on a Sunday Morning when the parents just want to have some peace, some slumber…
But in his world, that’s not allowed. He’s not yet under the “bad” influence of what can be called the profession of living. Unlike us adults who have become so accustomed to the world providing colour into our lives – you know, 55 channels on the television, then there is music, radio, media, etc … He understands that it’s not the noise that matters, not what we receive that motivate us. Rather it’s about taking our colour into life. Like kids do. With passion.
In this picture, Benno is in colour, the rest is black and white. The inverse would have made for a sad photo. Imagine he was colourless in a colourful world…I am glad it wasn’t necessary. There’s too much of that in the world already…
Well, I often do presentations with these photos. And sometimes my kids attend.
So it was obvious that I had to put my daughter’s picture in as well…
That will be next time 🙂

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