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The other day, I went onto some websites.  The “searchword” was art.  I must honestly say, it was disturbing to see how many “dark and depressing” things there were.  And I thought to myself, have we lost the art of appreciating real, simple beauty?  My dad used to say that we needed more “bad art” against our walls, more “bad music” in our homes.  Then he explained what he meant. ‘ We need more pictures drawn by our own kids against the walls.  Watercolor blots from pre-schoolers, songs from dads in showers, you know, the stuff of life.”  So today I share this picture.

It’s one of my friends and his wife.  Just walking.  Just loving.

Just living.
Do we need more?
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  • What an awesome photo! 🙂

    Jasmine 15.07.2008
  • I Ditto – GREAT SHOT

    Michael Palmer 16.07.2008
  • All we need is love. That picture is amazing. I see what you mean about miracles happening.

    Dewdrop 16.07.2008
  • Just ‘being’ is enough.

    Wenchy 08.09.2008

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