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In a previous post, I shared my son’s zest for life, but sometimes …

You see, he who takes his color into the world often becomes afraid. When the waves hit the beach with the power of high tide, when the thunder roars, and the wind howlingly gusts around him, he wants to be where it is safe. He wants to be with his mother. There he can feel safe.
If one reads what John Maxwell says about fear, one of our biggest fears is the fear of failure. So many people never chase their passion because they are afraid they might fail. So often we don’t take the risk of living the life we are supposed to live, and then take the bigger risk, the risk of living a mediocre life.
My son taught me that we often need to go to safe havens. These may be places where you can be quiet, or places where you can be with people who really have faith in you. People who make you feel better about who you are. People who make you more creative because they believe in you even when you have doubts.
Make time in your diary.
Call it haven time. It’s the most precious time you can have, it’s the time you should never negotiate away in a world where time has become the currency of caring. This should be your time. Your time to grow in a safe place while looking at the onslaught of life with courage. Like a boy, sitting on his mother’s hip. He knows he is connected to the most powerful force in the world. The power of care. The power of care goes much farther though. When you care about what you do, it creates opportunity.

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