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So what if you are passionate about something that you don’t seem to be able to achieve? What if every time you start working towards your dream, the world seems to conspire against you? Well, let me share with you the following story. When I was a young boy growing up on a farm, there were many kids attending the farm schools in the area. They often had to run several miles to single classroom farm schools. Yet, they made the most of it. Often, in order to make the road seem shorter, they would roll a tyre in front of them. The tyre took their minds away from the difficulty of running long distances.

And I asked them to teach me. Now, understand, I am not a very sporty person. I am clumsy, have low muscle tone and am often in Thought-world rather than reality. I call it my Happy-Place. It’s in the world, but away from it. I build castles there. I watch clouds and I see pictures. And I don’t need any drugs. Imagination is such a healthy drug…but back to my story.
So when I asked one of the kids to teach me how to roll a tyre, I went through a great learning experience.
First I learnt that whenever you pick up a tyre to run, there always seems to be dirty water, mud and some really “goo-ee” stuff in those tyres. That usually falls on your feet. If you still want to keep on going, the problems do not seem to stop. Firstly, the tyre goes in all directions, it wobbles, it wants to fall over… but… when it starts gaining momentum, it turns into a wonderful force. Suddenly there is so little effort required to make it go! It just needs a slap of your hand every now and then. And you run like mad to keep up with it! But you become so involved that you forget that you are running…
And so are big dreams. Whenever you start chasing after them, there always seem to be obstacles. Like the dirty water in the tyre, there is always someone who wants to throw water over the flames of passion that comes with big dreams. Many people then stop chasing their dreams. What a pity. What a pity we often don’t go further than the wobble. Because, if we persist, the dream becomes like the tyre. It starts gaining momentum, and suddenly it becomes a pulling force.
It makes you forget about the effort. It just keeps you running in its direction. Never getting tired (or should I say tyred?) –because it becomes a force of the universe, taking you to new heights, new hope and new perspective. And the universe has so much to offer…
(More about that next time…)

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