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On a hot December Saturday, a local toy-store was having a “Picture session with Barbie”. Well, there was no way my daughter was going to bail out of a session with her favourite “person” in the world. So off we went. Just before we left, I snapped this picture as she was sitting on grandma’s bed, waiting for us to finish what we were busy with.

Well, the picture session with Barbie was a nightmare. (For me anyhow). Just imagine: Thousands of kids, ( I know I am exaggerating, but it really felt like that),milling about in a toy-store. Some were complaining that they wanted toys which they would never have seen, had they not come to the store, but which were strategically placed to pick purses as we waited in the queue for our turn to have her picture taken. The picture with Barbie showed a tired Barbie with an even more tired Anienie on her lap. And I learnt another great lesson.

It’s not always the big events that make the difference.
Life happens in small moments.

Little moments are often so much greater that the “big” moments we often eagerly await. It’s no use to look forward to the end of the year so much that you forget that you can have fun in the present. So often, professionals chase their pension and not their passion. (As motivational speaker Denis Waitley says)
For amateurs it’s the other way around, we chase passion. We follow our hearts, moment by moment, second by second, because time is the stuff life is made of, we cannot afford to waste it, can we?

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  • I truly believe that love and life is in the details.. the little things we do daily.

    Wenchy 08.09.2008

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