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Just think about it. Who has been your most serious, most devastating critic in life?

Probably you.

As I was out taking pictures one morning, there was a guard. I don’t know what he was taking care of, but it made me think. If there’s a guard, there must be something dangerous. And if there is no guard, you are not protected from danger.

Many years ago, when I was studying English Literature, I learnt that whenever knights/heroes went on a quest, there was always a guard, trying to keep them from entering the realm of the unknown. Once you got past the guards, you suddenly found guides. Sometimes these guides were magicians, like Merlin.
So what am I trying to say?
Well, in our minds the guard is our so-called Inner Critic. When you want to do something great, the guard will come with questions such as: “Who do you think you are, to try and achieve this?”
And so often that little voice inside our heads is enough to make us decide not to go on.
What a pity.
There are greatness awaiting us if we can get past the guard. There are guides you will find when you enter the realm of Potential and Possibility…
So, what are you doing? Listening to the guard or looking for the guide?
It’s up to you….

Ps. My friend Charles Cock gave me the wonderful book, Synchronicity – The Inner Path of Leadership, by Joseph Jaworski. In the book, Jaworski shows how when you start doing great things, great people come along to make it happen…
Guides, I call them!
So, beat the guards and find the guides!

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