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The difference between winners and losers?
That’s a question that’s so often been podered and discussed. Winners seem to have it so easy, but maybe it’s because we only notice them when they start winning! No one notices them when they are trying “just one more time,” where others have given up…
And we all have the potential to “try one more time…” We have had it since we were kids.
Just look at my son and his friend:

We told them the museum was closed. It was after 17:00 on a Sunday afternoon. But they still wanted to check. We need to be more like kids, (a bit disobedient 🙂 and not give up if there seems to be a glimpse of a chance…

Never let anyone tell you not to try. If it’s worth trying, keep on trying… if it’s not worth trying, find something that is worth trying.

* A great book on the power of effort as well as the power of knowing when to quit is Seth Godin’s The Dip.

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  • Obedience…The question is most probably out of whose eyes. Dad or their eyes? Are we disobedient or are we just challenging the status quo? Being more influential…

    ART OF LIVING 20.06.2008

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