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Ever wondered about reflection?  Well, when you think about it, it’s all about taking the time to stand still.  As a photographer I always find reflections fascinating.  They happen all the time!  In life, it’s difficult to make time and take time to reflect.  

 Jim Collins says there are windows and mirrors.  When there is a crisis, some people look through the window and find someone to blame.  Greatness is about looking in the mirror, and then reflecting on what can be done, as the buck stops with the great leader…
Reflect on it…
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  • That is so true. It is so easy to find someone or something to blame, we are so scared to look in the mirror, because what if we realised that no one else is to blame, but ourself…

    Anonymous 11.07.2008
  • Beautiful text. Beautiful image!!

    Photo-Africa 11.07.2008
  • I found your site via Jason Moore and look forward to more inspiration here. Wonderful images and marvelously thought-provoking words. (tried to use my blogger ID and it wouldn’t post)

    Anonymous 11.07.2008
  • Sir, I am fell honored and privileged to visit your blog site, to see your beautiful photographs and to read your most insightful words. You have a rare gift. Thank you for sharing it with those who would seek it.

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