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Little Parcels called Moments

/, storytelling reflection/Little Parcels called Moments
He was just an old man, on his way to work.
To some it was exactly that – an old man, going to work.
As a photographer, you suddenly see the beauty of it.
Not merely an old man going to work.
A great moment in life.
Magic comes in little parcels called moments.
Appreciate them.
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  • hi…

    nice picture…it gives the feeling that the man has an inner satisfaction and a sort of calmness when he rides his bike to work…it doesn´t seem that he is stressed as too many people in this world unfortunately are…
    he maybe is…i imagine him in private life as the great granddad everyone wants to have and in worklife as the nice collegue at work that gives you a honest smile, a handshake and talks to you about some important things in life before the real work starts…


    Anonymous 01.08.2008

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