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A few years ago, I was assigned to do an article on the power of history. As I walked through a small cemetery with my family, my son kept on asking questions about war and the reason why people kill each other.

This weekend, while watching the movie, Life is Beautiful again, my son asked the same question.
And again, I had no answer.
Wherever I travel with my camera, I want to celebrate life. And so often I find that it’s something humankind – (is there still some “kind”-ness or “human”-ity in humans) has not been good at. It’s just so sad that so often human beings become the sacrifice in other people’s ideologies and powerplays.
And when I think of my son’s sincere questions, I want to hug him and tell him the world is not such a bad place.
And then I wonder if I will be lying.
It’ s not easy.

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  • “We are born as originals but die as copies” said somebody at sometime…i thinks many wars are here to copy someone, to get even more power than someone else…living and fighting for one´s owns ideals is a good thing…fighting somebody others ideals wihtout any selfmotivation but therfore involing innocent people not..in old japan samurai set up time and place for the fights…fight´s were on live and death but all held in an honest way…with both swordsman knowing about the consequences of the fights…both were ready to give their live…both swordsman had the same chances, the better one was the winner…no innocent people were involved…the sad thing in nowadays wars is the high number of innocent people involved…people who suffer under the ideals of someone else…and the fact that killing somebody got very easy also makes war pretty easy…throwing a bomb seems not too difficult, shooting from far distance at somebody also…would the situation be as in samurai times with looking the other one directly in the eyes when throwing a sword at him the situation would maybe be different…i don´t think it´s so easy looking in the victims eyes when killing it…because then it woud be a personal thing…
    i think you can tell your son without lying that the world is wonderful place to live in…he just should live his own ideals…and if he ever thinks that there is the need for a fight he should think about all consequences for him and the opponent, give the other one a fair chance and honest fight…


    Anonymous 18.08.2008

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