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Playful. Reassuring.

/, great moments/Playful. Reassuring.

He was playing in front of the camera. Jumping up and down, smiling and friendly. His sister was shy. Eventually she decided that it had to be fun. He just seemed to be so happy. So she joined. His hand was comforting, holding hers to reassure her.

I learnt from him that if one really enjoys what one does, others cannot stay away too long. People want to share in the fun that passionate people have. I think it’s called the law of attraction in popular literature –
There are always those daring to take chances, who seize the opportunities, those who are not afraid of change or new things, they are the pioneers, but they turn from pioneers into leaders when they hold the hands of the uncertain, often scared followers.
Whenever I work with real leaders, I realize it’s about more than pioneering your vision, it’s about caring for your people, giving them the greatest gift of all –
Faith in their potential and a helping hand when needed.


  • Ou Igno,dankie dat jy hierdie oomblik verewig in ons lewens deur jou foto en woorde.Ons waardeer dit opreg,maar ons waardeer julle vriendskap nog meer.Groete en dankie “Die Theart’s”

    Anonymous 23.09.2008
  • Loved reading your thoughts~

    “Things well said will be remembered and never forgotten when accompanied with a good picture”

    You did both!

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