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The Beaten Track

/, believing is seeing/The Beaten Track

It’s been a while.
That’s all I can say. As I look at how time flies, I realize how fleeting life is. During the past week I attended a conference in Mpumalanga (a province in South Africa). It was incredible to see how many people had cameras. Compare that to 10 years ago — when film and development were expensive and few pictures were taken.
The scary part is that more pictures often lead to more clutter – and what do we do with our record shots? I remember as a child we used to watch slideshows with an old-fashioned projector that often screeched to a halt when a slide jammed the mechanism because it was slightly skew. Treasured moments.
Treasured because slides were precious and rare.
These day it’s so easy to capture a moment – making it much more difficult to treasure.
When I look at how quickly time flies, I realize the importance of taking time to treasure. But it’s not easy…so often I feel like a tourist in my own life – pausing at the “designated moments,” and then hurrying on to the next destination -and when I think about it, I realize that I have to get off the beaten track sometimes.

In order to live, rather than merely passing by –
Before passing on.

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  • Thank God for Digital! I remember playing with an old film camera that my dad had when I was a kid. Holding that camera was SUCH fun – but I couldn’t ever take any photos! There was no film in the camera. And there was no money for film and for processing. Daddy was the only one who ever took photos with that camera! Still, holding that camera in my hands opened up a whole new world in my imagination. And all I’d have to do to continue the adventure was spend time looking through the photos in those huge family photo albums that my mother had carefully put together over the years. It was a special world…

    Those old photos have all faded now and the photo albums have mostly fallen apart, but I’ve scanned all those photos into digital format on my computer now and given them a whole new life. Now they’ll be safe forever… And the memories too…

    DiamondEagle 09.11.2008

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