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What if your body left?
What would remain behind?

left behind

We call it legacy.
It matters more than we think…
I think.
If you can remember someone whose made a difference in your life, please write it down in the comments field.
Share the legacy.

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  • I love this image, along with all of them that I’ve seen on your blog. I had a college professor/department chair who was the most motivating/caring/compassionate/inspiring mentor I ever had. I never saw her again after I graduated. It’s been a very long time since then, and she passed away several years ago, but her influence and memory live on in my heart and mind as though it were just last year. Thanks for helping me think about her this night.

    Linda 13.02.2009
  • Hi Linda
    Don’t know whether you’ve read TUESDAYS WITH MORRIE – but it sounds so much like that story. Thanks for sharing!

    Igno van Niekerk 17.02.2009
  • My Voortrekkeroffisier van skooltyd op Bethlehem en later my stapmaat van vele staproetes is ‘n hele paar gelede reeds in ‘n motorongeluk oorlede. Sy lewenslus en liefde om kinders op toere te neem het die wêreld in vele opsigte vir my oopgemaak: om in ‘n duikboot te gaan kyk hoe dit lyk; of om in die Sederberge te stap waar die natuur vars is; om in die Groot Bos naby Tzaneen te stap en die druppels reën te voel; of oor die plato’s van ons wonderlike land te kan tuur; of in die Visrivier Canyon te stap met die silte van die berge rondom jou. Dit is wat die lewe die moeite werd maak en wat Hans aan my gegee het. Ek eer sy gedagtenis omdat dit steeds vir my ‘n aansporing is!

    johan b 17.02.2009
  • When death overtakes us; all that we have is left to others; all that we are we take with us.

    Lettie 17.02.2009
  • Ek dink dikwels aan hierdie in terme van die argitekte van ou europese katedrale…wat nooit self die voltooing van hul handewerk sou sien nie, maar genoeg vertroue in hulle leerlinge gehad het om hul visie in hul hande te laat…

    Ek dink daar is ‘n groot les daarin vir ons om te verseker dat ons die wat onder ons werk genoeg empower om ons “groot werk” voort te sit wanneer ons die dag nie meer daar is nie…

    Daarin le “legacy” myns insiens

    Charles Cock 19.02.2009

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