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A dream becomes visible…

//A dream becomes visible…


Although it cannot be touched, it can now be “seen.”

Hi All,
I am excited to announce that I have received an initial “mockup” of what “Light On Leadership” will look like!
Thank you to all who have pre-ordered, I sincerely appreciate the vote of confidence and believe that the book will live up to your expectations. I can also share that I feel humbled by every pre-order, as it shows a sense of “belief” in “the promise” of the book, and, as everyone who wants to “underpromise” and “overdeliver” knows – it all depends on so many factors…
I have done my best to ensure that some of the greatest minds in storytelling, leadership and mindfulness read it beforehand. And I pray that their experience will also be that of the readers, once the book arrives. I will be sharing their feedback during the course of the next few weeks, as the book goes to the printers.

If you are interested in pre-ordering, payments can be made into the following account:
(using your name as reference):
Account Name: Fotoskool
Bank: Standard Bank
Type: Cheque
Branch Code: 055534
Account Number: 422 193 658

Once payment is made, you can send an email to ignophoto@gmail.com, and I will confirm that payment has been received, as well as keeping you posted in terms of the progress of the book.

Kindly note that an additional R30.00 will be required for shipping/mailing costs inside South Africa.

Also note that orders from outside South Africa can currently be taken for the e-book version only.

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