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My first memory of an attempt at art is about having to draw a mother’s day card. I was in pre-primary school. As I was drawing, I looked at the cards that the other kids were creating.

My dad had a philosophy he picked up from some book, and he used to share it with us so often. I quote dad, although I know he was not the original author, but I still hear his voice

In a previous post, I shared my son’s zest for life, but sometimes … You see, he who takes his color into the world often becomes afraid. When the waves hit the beach with the power of

Just look at my daughter: This picture was taken one morning after her mother had left to go to teach. Well, you can see what I had to cope with…And, yes, I did what every good

All I had to do was take my camera and go. Nature provided the rest. As the sun started painting, the waves started rejoicing against the rocks, and I felt as if

So what if you are passionate about something that you don’t seem to be able to achieve? What if every time you start working towards your dream, the world seems to conspire against you?

On a hot December Saturday, a local toy-store was having a “Picture session with Barbie”. Well, there was no way my daughter was going to bail out of a session with her favourite “person” in the world. So

This is my son.At the time I took this picture he was three years old. He had, (and still has), the zest, passion and enthusiasm we associate with three-year olds. And I don’t know why they always

Hello friend,Welcome to this, a picnic spot on your journey through life.I am so glad you came along. So glad to meet you. So glad to spend some time with you.So often we hurry past these little spots.