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believing is seeing

/believing is seeing


It was early morning. There is nothing like early mornings. Everything is fresh, the colors keep on changing, there’s expectation in the air. Anien, my daughter was running on a dune with a friend. “Sunchasing.” Too often the break of dawn brings the newspapers and newsbulletins. Mostly negative. Sunchasing is about the positive stuff. Loving the break of a new day. Looking forward to gifts bestowed by the day: Moments – turning into seconds, minutes and hours. Moments to run towards the sun, passionately pursuing the firelights of

Know, then Go

I knew that the picture was there. The moon was shining beautifully over the sea. As I watched the scene, I realized there was no foreground interest. A big log was lying about 200 meters away. It took a little help, sweat and effort from a friend. And then the composition could be made. The result was this: Then last Sunday there was a sermon on VISION. If you have a vision, you can work towards it, you can create it. Disney saw Disneyland

When the wheels come off

I was driving through a small town called Koffiefontein. These guys were having fun, playing with their self-made push-and-go car. I took some pictures and went on a drive through the town. On my way back, I found only this guy… Yes. The wheels had come off. Suddenly he was on his own. Is that not true sometimes? When the wheels come off in the drama of life, we suddenly find ourselves feeling alone? Well, take note that it’s mostly a “feeling” and not


What if your body left? What would remain behind? We call it legacy. It matters more than we think… I think. If you can remember someone whose made a difference in your life, please write it down in the comments field. Share the legacy. Feel free to visit www.pixelpostcards.com and comment on any of the posts.


I was reading Martha Beck’s Steering by Starlight. Realized again how we complicate our own worlds. So often we come under stress because of all the stories we keep in our heads. Clutter is bad. Simple is good. Same goes for photos. Just for today – clear all the stories out of your mind. Appreciate the moment. Click the shutter. Enjoy the picture. It’s yours. Feel free to visit www.pixelpostcards.com and comment on any of the posts.


Ask any photographer about the nature of light, and learn about the light of nature. Every season brings its own glorious light. There’s the yellow-brown of autumn leaves, the fresh pink blossomy arrival of spring, the white of frost in winter and the luscious green of summer grass. Every season brings the gift of color. And so often we forget that the seasons in life bring color too. Sometimes life seems cruel and unkind, yet every winter predicts a new spring. Somehow


So it was the first day of school. And yes, there were fears, uncertainty and a fair bit of worrying. Still, they were having fun. And I thought about my life and work. I often have fears, uncertainties and worries. It doesn’t matter…. As long as I have fun. Have fun today. Every day is the first day in the school of life. Every day is the first day of the rest of your life. ( I think I heard it in a movie – but it’s only

Great Moments

A brother and sister. She tickled him. He was tired. It was late on a hot December afternoon. He could not walk properly, but she did not mind. When necessary, she carried him. The words of the song came to mind: He ain’t heavy, he’s my brother. And then it happened, I had captured the moment above, but my finger was still on the shutter, and I am glad, because the next moment they fell over… Is is not

Make your dreams soar

Where did the time go? Well, that’s probably one of the questions one also asks at your eightieth birthday. For me, suddenly there is a new year and the previous post was a month ago. Does not feel like it! Hopefully this year there will be more opportunities to share some moments. Like we had at christmas. Grandma bought my kids kites and there was a photo opportunity! I really battled to find good pictures. All the time I knew the pictures were

The Beaten Track

It’s been a while. That’s all I can say. As I look at how time flies, I realize how fleeting life is. During the past week I attended a conference in Mpumalanga (a province in South Africa). It was incredible to see how many people had cameras. Compare that to 10 years ago — when film and development were expensive and few pictures were taken. The scary part is that more pictures often lead to more clutter – and what do we


It was a misty autumn day. The road was wet and the air fresh. It was just one of those days which makes one appreciate the true wonder of being alive. As I stepped out of the car to take pictures, I was hit by the freshness of being outside. And I realized how we spend our time in front of screens: Windscreens, computer screens, tv screens… We are the screenagers. Sometimes we need to “unscreen”. Because we don’t live


They said there was nothing to photograph.  They said it was a boring country road.  They said it could not work on a misty morning. But I went out. And I took this picture… Because they are merely voices in my mind.  They are critics without reason.  They are voices of reason in a world of dreams… They are needed sometimes. But sometimes we need to listen to the voice of unreason. Because all breakthroughs are made by unreasonable people – people who hear other


The light was harsh. It wasn’t the perfect time for taking pictures. I could have said no. There were “thousands” of legitimate reasons not to do it. As I walked back to the car after the session, I was concerned about what the results would be. And then, when I opened the pictures on the computer, I found that sometimes we have to ignore the excuses and just do what we want to do – There will always


Sometimes all we need are the words. Every day we tell ourselves stories. It never stops. The story runs in our heads whenever we interpret something. Whenever we judge or appreciate, we tell ourselves a story that’s worthy of judgement or appreciation… Stories give birth to words, words to thoughts and thoughts to actions… That’s not always the sequence though, sometimes thoughts give birth to stories, stories to words… and so it changes, it doesn’t matter. As long as we remember to

About War

A few years ago, I was assigned to do an article on the power of history. As I walked through a small cemetery with my family, my son kept on asking questions about war and the reason why people kill each other. This weekend, while watching the movie, Life is Beautiful again, my son asked the same question. And again, I had no answer. Wherever I travel with my camera, I want to celebrate life. And so often


There was a hole in the fence. The farmer would not like it. It assisted me with the composition of the photograph. Someone’s frustration is someone else’s opportunity. Just look at your frustrations through the eyes of the opportunist. Feel free to visit www.pixelpostcards.com and comment on any of the posts.

Small Boats

This picture is not about the photography… It’s about the thought that came to my mind while taking the picture… A prayer, I read somewhere… “O Lord, the ocean is so wide, and my boat is so small…” We’ve all got small boats. The ocean is wide. Know where your power comes from. Feel free to visit www.pixelpostcards.com and comment on any of the posts.

Sun and Clouds

A landscape photographer’s greatest friend? The sun… It’s the sun that provides the paint – we only have to find the palette. And sometimes the sun seems to be nasty…hiding behind the clouds when we need it… Not appearing. And then, when it does show, it’s magnificent. But to create that magnificence, it needs the clouds. So I had to learn to love the clouds as well – they help me create better pictures in the end.


When “Camera Raw” was introduced, I immediately started using it. There was the promise of the “power of Raw”  – you would be able to do so much more with your pictures. Still, they seemed dull.  The camera had done everything before, now I had to work. And I had to learn new things! Yikes! Now those new things are habits – it was worth all the effort! The more effort you put in, the

Hello friend,Welcome to this, a picnic spot on your journey through life.I am so glad you came along. So glad to meet you. So glad to spend some time with you.So often we hurry past these little spots. I know.I’ve done it too.Until I was forced to pause.By passion.Now there’s a concept, paused by passion.Want to hear more? Well, take a seat. Let me introduce myself. My name is Igno van Niekerk. I am