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It was early morning. There is nothing like early mornings. Everything is fresh, the colors keep on changing, there’s expectation in the air. Anien, my daughter was running on a dune with a friend. “Sunchasing.” Too often the break of dawn brings the newspapers and newsbulletins. Mostly negative. Sunchasing is about the positive stuff. Loving the break of a new day. Looking forward to gifts bestowed by the day: Moments – turning into seconds, minutes and hours. Moments to run towards the sun, passionately pursuing the firelights of

Know, then Go

I knew that the picture was there. The moon was shining beautifully over the sea. As I watched the scene, I realized there was no foreground interest. A big log was lying about 200 meters away. It took a little help, sweat and effort from a friend. And then the composition could be made. The result was this: Then last Sunday there was a sermon on VISION. If you have a vision, you can work towards it, you can create it. Disney saw Disneyland

True Teachers

Let’s learn from the kids. They live in the moment… Happy or sad. They know the present is the greatest gift we have… That’s why it’s called the present… Life for kids is full of color, sepia (the past) brings great memories and the future is filled with dreams… Let’s live, dream and remember things that make us better! Feel free to visit www.pixelpostcards.com and comment on any of the posts.


Energy… Is it not fascinating how some people just have it? My friend, Hendrik, a life coach, (See the link to Craffie’s Coaching), talks a lot about energy. The energy that makes us walk upright, smile sincerely, breathe deeply, laugh loudly and live passionately.             Last year during the December holidays, I was asked to take pictures of a group of young people. They were making calenders for their parents. When they arrived, they had all the fun stuff! Winter clothes, summer clothes, hats

Make your dreams soar

Where did the time go? Well, that’s probably one of the questions one also asks at your eightieth birthday. For me, suddenly there is a new year and the previous post was a month ago. Does not feel like it! Hopefully this year there will be more opportunities to share some moments. Like we had at christmas. Grandma bought my kids kites and there was a photo opportunity! I really battled to find good pictures. All the time I knew the pictures were