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great moments

/great moments


It was early morning. There is nothing like early mornings. Everything is fresh, the colors keep on changing, there’s expectation in the air. Anien, my daughter was running on a dune with a friend. “Sunchasing.” Too often the break of dawn brings the newspapers and newsbulletins. Mostly negative. Sunchasing is about the positive stuff. Loving the break of a new day. Looking forward to gifts bestowed by the day: Moments – turning into seconds, minutes and hours. Moments to run towards the sun, passionately pursuing the firelights of

True Teachers

Let’s learn from the kids. They live in the moment… Happy or sad. They know the present is the greatest gift we have… That’s why it’s called the present… Life for kids is full of color, sepia (the past) brings great memories and the future is filled with dreams… Let’s live, dream and remember things that make us better! Feel free to visit www.pixelpostcards.com and comment on any of the posts.

When the wheels come off

I was driving through a small town called Koffiefontein. These guys were having fun, playing with their self-made push-and-go car. I took some pictures and went on a drive through the town. On my way back, I found only this guy… Yes. The wheels had come off. Suddenly he was on his own. Is that not true sometimes? When the wheels come off in the drama of life, we suddenly find ourselves feeling alone? Well, take note that it’s mostly a “feeling” and not


Two years ago my son’s pre-primary school had a Visitor’s day for grandparents. As I was taking pictures, I was drawn to the beauty of hands. Old hands and young hands were working together, painting together and being together. It reminded me… My grandma used to have hands filled with blue veins, which she used to knit and create. My mom had gentle, comforting hands. My dad had strong healing hands. When I think of these hands,


Low light. No tripod. It was easy to realize that the evening was ruined. Still, we had a great walk on the beach. My wife and the kids did not worry about the lack of light. They were on holiday. They had their feet in the water. They were not worried about blurry pictures as I was. So there we were – the same scene, but different feelings. I think that life’s the same. It’s the framing that matters. Remember the old poem –

Great Moments

A brother and sister. She tickled him. He was tired. It was late on a hot December afternoon. He could not walk properly, but she did not mind. When necessary, she carried him. The words of the song came to mind: He ain’t heavy, he’s my brother. And then it happened, I had captured the moment above, but my finger was still on the shutter, and I am glad, because the next moment they fell over… Is is not


It was a misty autumn day. The road was wet and the air fresh. It was just one of those days which makes one appreciate the true wonder of being alive. As I stepped out of the car to take pictures, I was hit by the freshness of being outside. And I realized how we spend our time in front of screens: Windscreens, computer screens, tv screens… We are the screenagers. Sometimes we need to “unscreen”. Because we don’t live

Playful. Reassuring.

He was playing in front of the camera. Jumping up and down, smiling and friendly. His sister was shy. Eventually she decided that it had to be fun. He just seemed to be so happy. So she joined. His hand was comforting, holding hers to reassure her. I learnt from him that if one really enjoys what one does, others cannot stay away too long. People want to share in the fun that passionate people have. I think it’s called

Enjoy hurdles

This weekend we had a photowalk in Paul Roux. The weather seemed to be heading for “rotten”, but we had to push through. What a privilege when the light eventually appeared. Some clouds acted as natural diffusers and, in general, we had a great time taking pictures of the kids who walked along. The great thing about the weather was that those who seriously wanted to be there, were there – is it not true that sometimes we have hurdles for one


They said there was nothing to photograph.  They said it was a boring country road.  They said it could not work on a misty morning. But I went out. And I took this picture… Because they are merely voices in my mind.  They are critics without reason.  They are voices of reason in a world of dreams… They are needed sometimes. But sometimes we need to listen to the voice of unreason. Because all breakthroughs are made by unreasonable people – people who hear other

Little Parcels called Moments

He was just an old man, on his way to work. To some it was exactly that – an old man, going to work. As a photographer, you suddenly see the beauty of it. Not merely an old man going to work. A great moment in life. Magic comes in little parcels called moments. Appreciate them. Feel free to visit www.pixelpostcards.com and comment on any of the posts.

So often, as a photographer, one wants the perfect moment and the perfect light.  Then you also look for the right equipment etc…  I am often reminded that life is not always about all the “perfect” tools, perfect composition and perfect light.  This picture was taken without thinking of the “artistic” side.  Because the art was in the moment, in the person.  You see, it’s my son – an angel falling asleep…and so beautiful.  He had