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I was reading Martha Beck’s Steering by Starlight. Realized again how we complicate our own worlds. So often we come under stress because of all the stories we keep in our heads. Clutter is bad. Simple is good. Same goes for photos. Just for today – clear all the stories out of your mind. Appreciate the moment. Click the shutter. Enjoy the picture. It’s yours. Feel free to visit www.pixelpostcards.com and comment on any of the posts.


So it was the first day of school. And yes, there were fears, uncertainty and a fair bit of worrying. Still, they were having fun. And I thought about my life and work. I often have fears, uncertainties and worries. It doesn’t matter…. As long as I have fun. Have fun today. Every day is the first day in the school of life. Every day is the first day of the rest of your life. ( I think I heard it in a movie – but it’s only

Enjoy hurdles

This weekend we had a photowalk in Paul Roux. The weather seemed to be heading for “rotten”, but we had to push through. What a privilege when the light eventually appeared. Some clouds acted as natural diffusers and, in general, we had a great time taking pictures of the kids who walked along. The great thing about the weather was that those who seriously wanted to be there, were there – is it not true that sometimes we have hurdles for one

My camera was stolen. It happened so fast, I could not believe it. Worse still, I felt as if I had lost a friend. My eye just connected with the viewfinder so well,  my hands new instinctively where the buttons were. Now she was gone. After the short term insurance paid out, I got a new one.  Not the same. Things just did not “gel” as they used to.  I was blaming the new camera. Until I