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A dream becomes visible…

Although it cannot be touched, it can now be “seen.” Hi All, I am excited to announce that I have received an initial “mockup” of what “Light On Leadership” will look like! Thank you to all who have pre-ordered, I sincerely appreciate the vote of confidence and believe that the book will live up to your expectations. I can also share that I feel humbled by every pre-order, as it shows a sense of “belief” in “the promise” of the book, and, as


There is one gift that distinguishes geniuses from others… We all have it, but very few use it. It’s the gift of natural curiosity, the willingness to learn, to experiment, and to keep on pushing the limits, because we know there is more to learn.As my son looked through a window, I hoped that he would treasure this gift, finding the windows of hope always opening as he keeps on living the quest for truth, love and happiness. Godspeed, dear traveller. Feel free to


My cousin’s matric farewell. I was taking the picture. I thought it would be lovely if she stood on a railroad track with the others just looking at her. Then it happened. As all had struck there poses, she momentarily lost her balance… What a wonderful moment. Maybe not at the time the picture was taken, but when one looks back, is that not what it’s all about. Unexpected moments, providing us with something to smile about. Remember the moment is spontaneous, the interpretation afterwards is

Frames (of Mind)

Frames are fascinating. They can often make or break a picture. And as human beings we often talk about have a “frame of reference” or a “framework” etc.   So often people “frame” themselves as victims, forgetting that we have a “frame of mind” with which we approach life.   As a photographer, I am consistently looking for frames. One tries to remain aware of the different frames that can be used, like in this picture:     And I have learnt that if I go out

One weekend, while on a photosafari, I took the delegates to stables close by. We thought the horses would make great pictures. Somehow, many great pictures were not of the horses There were lots of other beautiful things... So remember, when you’re at the stables, don’t look only at the horses! Feel free to visit www.pixelpostcards.com and comment on any of the posts.

I had the whole frame composed. Then, as I was about to press the shutter, someone walked into the picture. Darn. Or so I thought. Luckily, I pressed the shutter. When I looked at the picture later, I found it was better with the person. I learnt again – big opportunities are often hidden in those “darn” moments. So remember, event if the moment seems bad, seize it – it’s yours. Carpe Diem. Feel free

For 27 years, Nelson Mandela was in prison to “fight” for his cause: Freedom. A few years ago we had elections in South Africa.    The posters against the lampposts reflected the whole community. As a kid was walking past, I took this picture. I wondered whether he knew that someone had “sacrificed” in order for him to be free. Wherever you are today, celebrate the fact that you are free. And be grateful. Someone made a sacrifice for your freedom.  

I was taking pictures for someone’s family album… Here is one of the girls… She was comfortable in front of the camera. So comfortable, it was almost unnatural. (Can it be?) Then, after the session was over, I followed her to the stables nearby. When she was “modeling” it was great, but when I caught her “naturally” it was even better. Nothing beats the beauty of people being who they are. Go ahead, Be Real.   It’s beautiful. Feel free

It was cold and misty.  And I did not even know whether there would be enough light.  Still, I was out there “hoping” for some pictures.  Against all odds.  Who, but a completely insane photographer would be out there on a morning like this? Well, it seems I was not the only one… As they jogged past, I turned and took the picture.  And I thought about the fact that maybe, just maybe, the so-called insane ones

Ever wondered about reflection?  Well, when you think about it, it’s all about taking the time to stand still.  As a photographer I always find reflections fascinating.  They happen all the time!  In life, it’s difficult to make time and take time to reflect.    Jim Collins says there are windows and mirrors.  When there is a crisis, some people look through the window and find someone to blame.  Greatness is about looking in the mirror, and then reflecting on what

The other day, I went onto some websites.  The “searchword” was art.  I must honestly say, it was disturbing to see how many “dark and depressing” things there were.  And I thought to myself, have we lost the art of appreciating real, simple beauty?  My dad used to say that we needed more “bad art” against our walls, more “bad music” in our homes.  Then he explained what he meant. ‘ We need more pictures drawn by our

As I drove to Vosburg, a little town in the Karoo, I still felt “a bit hurried”.  It seems to come with modern life.  You know, the busy-ness of business.  After walking through the town during the afternoon, before my presentation, I just started switching off.  The pace of the town, if it can be called a pace, was just so slow.  So present.  So real. And because I slowed down, the day spent there felt like a long holiday… So when

This week we were on holiday. Family camp. This meant no-camera-dad-please. Or so I think. So, I packed them away. On Tuesday morning I went fishing with my son. Long walk. No fish. Bonding time… And I learnt the value of an empty frame… After an hour I realised that we had to go back. We had prior arrangements. When I told him, he was angry, really angry. So, here we were. Finding time together to have

The difference between winners and losers? That’s a question that’s so often been podered and discussed. Winners seem to have it so easy, but maybe it’s because we only notice them when they start winning! No one notices them when they are trying “just one more time,” where others have given up…And we all have the potential to “try one more time…” We have had it since we were kids.Just look at my son and his friend: We told them

Fascinating. Just think about it. Who has been your most serious, most devastating critic in life? Probably you. As I was out taking pictures one morning, there was a guard. I don’t know what he was taking care of, but it made me think. If there’s a guard, there must be something dangerous. And if there is no guard, you are not protected from danger. .Many years ago, when I was studying English Literature, I learnt that whenever knights/heroes went on a quest, there

In the book Good to Great, Jim Collins distinguishes between good and great leaders. And yes, we are all leaders. We all lead lives, don’t we?Well, Collins also comes to the conclusion that great leaders have a sense of humility, but they are also proud. Because they are proud, they aspire to greatness, and because they are humble, they understand that greatness is not dependant on

When I think of the great gift of life that we have, I wonder why there are so many people out there, suffering from depression, hurting because of what they perceive life to be, and crying because there’s too much sadness.Why?Why are even kids breaking down?The psychologist I asked just smiled. “ I don’t have all the answers. But if I can make one recommendation, we need more sun, more sand, more exercise.” More of what

Whenever I see the picture above, I remind myself that we can take a break any time. The boy who was playing the part of Gabriel at the school’s nativity play was supposed to announce that Mary was going to have a baby. As the audience turned to him, he was taking a break! We do not want to wake up in an ICU unit somewhere, having survived our first heart attack.We

These pictures were taken on the road to our farm. Whenever I travel on this road to the farm, I am reminded of a specific weekend.My dad was 78 years old and suffering from diabetes. After my mother had passed away, he stayed on the farm alone. With time came the regular ailments that haunts one during old age. Dad’s generation however have been a tremendously strong generation, often standing with

Simon used to work on our farm for 27 years. He was my dad’s right hand through thick and thin. One morning, as I was walking on the farm, Simon was herding the cattle away from the milk shed. I took this picture. The picture did not quite appeal to me. But for some reason it found it’s way onto a portfolio which I sent to a local newspaper. Imagine my surprise when

There is a town called Upington, 600 kilometres away from my hometown. As part of my job, I often have to go there. It can probably be rated as the “most empty” 600km in South Africa. There is nothing, and as you drive along, there is more and more nothing…:-) Especially if you’re a photographer.But,When there are thunderstorms, all of a sudden things change. The sky is painted with pink and purple hues.

These days one of the skills that we really need to have is something called appreciation… Appreciating what we have, appreciating every moment.Like these two boys… They were out there. Fishing. For two and a half hours, I watched them. They were just fishing. And they did not catch a thing. Yet they were enjoying every moment of it! Because they were living in the moment.

My first memory of an attempt at art is about having to draw a mother’s day card. I was in pre-primary school. As I was drawing, I looked at the cards that the other kids were creating. I could clearly see their subjects. They were drawing families with cars, dogs and cats. As I looked down at what I had been drawing, I saw abstract shapeless lines. Had my

My dad had a philosophy he picked up from some book, and he used to share it with us so often. I quote dad, although I know he was not the original author, but I still hear his voice so clearly: ”When opportunity knocks, you must jump, and you never know when opportunity is knocking, so you must keep on jumping!” Well, I saw it so clearly one morning when I went out to

In a previous post, I shared my son’s zest for life, but sometimes … You see, he who takes his color into the world often becomes afraid. When the waves hit the beach with the power of high tide, when the thunder roars, and the wind howlingly gusts around him, he wants to be where it is safe. He wants to be with his mother. There he can feel safe.If one reads what John

Just look at my daughter: This picture was taken one morning after her mother had left to go to teach. Well, you can see what I had to cope with…And, yes, I did what every good dad would do. I went outside and took pictures… No, jokes aside. Why is it that we don’t realize that we are emotional beings, and not only rational robots? We’re not robots, we’re

All I had to do was take my camera and go. Nature provided the rest. As the sun started painting, the waves started rejoicing against the rocks, and I felt as if I was attending a majestic dance. There were just not enough memory in my camera to capture The music and the dance that seemed to last forever… Nature wants to give so much, and so often, like that memory

So what if you are passionate about something that you don’t seem to be able to achieve? What if every time you start working towards your dream, the world seems to conspire against you? Well, let me share with you the following story. When I was a young boy growing up on a farm, there were many kids attending the farm schools in the area. They often had to run several miles to

On a hot December Saturday, a local toy-store was having a “Picture session with Barbie”. Well, there was no way my daughter was going to bail out of a session with her favourite “person” in the world. So off we went. Just before we left, I snapped this picture as she was sitting on grandma’s bed, waiting for us to finish what we were busy with. Well, the picture session with Barbie was a nightmare. (For