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5 Toring Avenue, Spitzkop, Bloemfontein, South Africa


Email: igno@ignovanniekerk.com

Complete CV

/Complete CV

Complete CV: Igno van Niekerk

The full CV on this page is for reference purposes and not intended to be used when introducing Igno where presenting keynotes or workshops. Scripts for introduction can be found elsewhere on this page.


Grade 12

Igno completed matric (Grade 12) at Voortrekker High School in Bethlehem in 1983.

Compulsory Military Service.

School of Armour

Igno completed his military service in 1985 at the School of Armour in Bloemfontein SA.

Higher Education

When I connect the dots today, I realize that I have been privileged to study fields that I am passionate about. Studying languages taught me the power of communication and story. History taught me more about leadership than any of the many corporate leadership courses I have attended.

BA (Languages)

1988: Complete BA Languages at University of the Free State

BA (Hons) English

1990: Complete BA (Hons) in English at the University of the Free State.



1992: Complete MA (Linguistics) at the University of Stellenbosch.

MA (History)

2007: MA (History) with distinction at UFS. Awarded best student in faculty.

Additional Tertiary Education

The HED (Higher Education Diploma) I completed to qualify as a teacher, was another step on the way to living my passion for sharing and teaching. Since I have been working with an Insurance Firm, I enrolled and completed my Certificate in Financial Planning. The UFS’ One year course in Management Development was one of the turns in the road, and little did I know at the time that I would be a part-time lecturer at the same Business School a few years later. UNISA’s Group Process Facilitation course was one of the most interesting and challenging courses I have ever attended, and until today I am grateful for having the experience.

Certificate in Financial Planning


2005: Complete Certificate in Financial Planning at UFS.

Higher Education Diploma


1989: Complete HED (Higher Education Diploma) at UFS.

Management Development Course


1 Year Management Development Program: UFS Business School.

Group Process Facilitation

Group Process Facilitation

2002: (Centre for Industrial Psychology - UNISA)

Applied Digital Marketing

Applied Digital Marketing

2020 Complete Digital Marketing course - Wits Business School.

Executive Management and Coaching

Executive Management and Coaching

2020 Complete UCT Executive Management and Coaching course.

Financial Coaching

Financial Coaching

2019: UFS (Centre of Financial Planning).

The Dawning of the Information Age

By the end of the 20th Century, I realized that knowledge and experience in computers & new technology would be essential requirements for the modern workplace. This is where a journey of learning and unlearning started, and has never ended.

At the time, I believed in international benchmarking, and completed several internationally recognized courses. This gave me a good foundational knowledge of computers and computing – and although I am now working in a completely different environment, I believe that the foundation that was laid, especially in terms of software knowledge has been worth the time, effort and monetary investment made at the time.



More Information:

The fact that many of these qualifications have “expired,” is an indication that we live in an ever-changing environment in which we often need to unlearn and revisit what we have learnt.

The internationally recognized courses I completed included:

A+ Service Technician : (The inner workings of a computer).
MCP and MCSE : Microsoft Certified Professional and Systems Engineer
MOUS : Microsoft Certified Office User Specialist (MSWord, MSExcel, MSPowerpoint.
CIW : Certified Internet Webmaster
ACE: Adobe Certified Expert (Photoshop and Lightroom)
ACI : Adobe Certified Instructor (Photoshop and Lightroom)


Career and Work Experience

When connecting the dots, I realize how my work-experience and career path so far has created opportunities that I will be eternally grateful for.


Teacher 1990-1994

In 1990 I was appointed as English and History Teacher at Bethlehem Voortrekker High School. I was responsible for senior English classes.


Visit WCCE as reward for being South Africa's Teacher of the year.

Educational Videos 1995-1996

Join the Free State Department of Education. Responsible for creating Broadcast Quality videos on educational matters. Work with visionary educator, Peet Venter.


Responsible for Educational video's from script to screen. Incredible experience. Broadcast videos over Africa Growth Network infrastructure.

CTT Liberty Life 1996 -

I started at Liberty Life as a Computer Technical Trainer, responsible for setting up & supporting financial advisors in using computers as part of their business.


During this stage of my career, I learnt a great deal about computer hardware and software, but slowly and surely my interests took me in a new direction.

RDO/RDM Liberty Life 2000 -

Responsible for People Development and manage a regional team. Involved in creating Development Programs for employees and Financial Advisors.


A wonderful time as my passion for motivation and inspiration finds a way to live in the corporate world.

Part Time Lecturer: MBA

For 5+ years, I was responsible for lecturing the MBA class at the UFS Business School on ``Strategy and Company Analysis.``


Working with students from a wide range of businesses and different countries, I learnt to have a more global view on events and trends. Teaching is often a great learning opportunity.

Part Time Lecturer BML

The BML degree program (offered by UFS Business School) is one of its kind in the world, and I am privileged to be a part time lecturer on Leadership and Motivation.


Responsible for Educational video's from script to screen. Incredible experience. Broadcast videos over Africa Growth Network infrastructure.

Liberty Life: Other responsibilities

Over the past years, I have been responsible for leadership development, presentation skills courses, keynote speaking, regional strategy sessions and more.


I have learnt that one should never stop learning and always re-invent yourself.

E-Learning and Distance Education

Due to requirements on many fronts, I had to acquaint myself with various e-learning platforms (eg. Zoom, Blacboard, Moodle and Learndash) in order to deliver training solutions.


To ensure that I keep in touch with developments on the e-learning front, I co-maintain an e-learning website where I host photography training.



There are always learning and growth opportunities, often through informal courses.
I have had the privilege of learning from globally recognized institutions including:

GIMT – The Graduate Institute of Management and Technology
UFS Wellness & Arbinger Institute
Creativity Foundation of South Africa
Network of Training
ATD (Attended sessions in Orlando and Denver)









Photography & Storytelling

I have always believed in a holistic approach, and my work-life has always been enriched by my hobbies and passions. Photography, history and storytelling has found its way into many of my workshops, keynote-speeches, training sessions and eventually into my book, Light On Leadership.


Number of Stock Photos Sold


Members of my Photography Training Network


Newspaper columns written

Who I really work for : My greatest Treasure.