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Great Teachers I have learnt from:

On this page I share links to some of the people I have learnt from. I was privileged to meet some in person, whilst others influenced me across the vast plains of cyberspace. Beware, these links might be addictive 🙂


Probably the most watched talk on education. And dare I say, I enjoy it every time I see it again.

Sir Ken Robinson on how schools kill creativity. I have also read Robinson’s books, The Element as well as Finding your Element and enjoyed both thoroughly.


Dewitt Jones changed my thinking about presenting and presentations with his “Celebrate what’s right with the World” video. Here is his TED talk on the topic:


A friend recently reminded me again of this wonderfully funny (but very true) video on Introverts:



Then, during May 2016, I had the privilege of experiencing both Brene Brown and Simon Sinek live on Stage at the ATD conference.

Here is Brene:


Being Yourself.

And an all time favourite, especially for those of you with an interest in education. Robert Fulghum’s story about Norman…


And here is Simon Sinek talking about purpose & why:

Rethinking Motivation.

Dan Pink’s books are usually insightful and eye-opening. In this TED talk, he makes us think differently about motivation.

Islands of Sanity.

Margaret (Meg) Wheatley is still changing the way we think about leadership.  This 2017 talk challenges leaders to step forward in challenging times.

Childhood Dreams.

Randy Pausch. An inspiring presentation called “The Last Lecture.” Randy knew he was dying and share some of the lessons he learnt…including the importance of realizing one’s childhood dreams.

Re-Imagining Education.

Salman Khan has indicated the future of education, and as a parent, I have found Khan Academy a wonderful free resource. Here is Salman Khan talking about how it all started.

Re-Imagining Learning.

Josh Kaufman has broken the 10 000 hour myth. We need to think about the way and the pace we learn in a different way. In this video, Kaufman explains a way in which one could approach learning a new skill.

Little Things in Leadership.

Simon Sinek talks about the importance of the little things that become the big things that make people love their jobs.

Fixing what’s broken.

Seth Godin is one of my favourite writers (and speakers) on business and innovation. Here is Seth, talking about why stuff is broken – and how we can make things “unbroken.”


And should you ever doubt your creativity. Here is Elizabeth Gilbert, author of “Eat. Pray.Love.” talking about the challenge of becoming more creative after tremendous success.

Connect the dots.

This speech by Steve Jobs about passion and following your dreams has become a web-classic. Steve shares three inspiring stories from his life. 15 Minutes that can change your life.