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Light on Leadership

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More About The Book

Light On Leadership Workshops

Learn the principles of Leadership by looking through the eyes of a photographer.

Leadership Talks

Igno presents keynote talks on the principles of Leadership, based on the book. The power of story, history and making meaning as tools in leadership are discussed.



Coaching cards

Based on the book, Igno has created Self-Coaching cards which you can use to explore your business & personal life.

I suspect you've reinvented, no reinvigorated a genre....


Darryl Earl David, Head of Department: English School of Arts : Languages & Literature University of KwaZulu-NatalUniversity of KwaZulu-Natal

Please tell Igno I have read his book twice already! It is so well written and easy to read, love it!...


Tabitha Lolliot, Hospital General ManagerMediclinic

Wow. I could not put down the book. I believe and hope the message will have a huge impact on leaders everywhere....


Freddie MeiringMediclinic

“Every now and then in life you stumble upon something that creates a pause moment. A moment which you recognise as one that will change your views and thoughts for the better. A moment and...

“Stories shape the way we create our world. In order to create a better future, we need better leaders. Better leaders tell better stories. Light on Leadership leads the way.”...

Leading the way

Nico BairdAcademic Partners

In Light on Leadership I received the gift of transformation of the hearts and minds of leaders who are transported by the power of our human storying and meaning-making capacity. This book invites us into...


Chené Swart is a consultant in leadership development and organisational transformation and author of the book, Re-authoring the World.

... a delightful smorgasbord of timeless universal principles, lessons and stories within stories that are simultaneously cognitive, emotional, spiritual and visceral. My left and right hemispheres  were nudged into a Whole Brain, Kairos Dance that...

 Light on Leadership is a valuable gift to the world. With a gentle touch, the author relates an amalgam of stories resembling Babushka dolls, wrapped around each other to unmask essential truths about leading oneself...

About the Book

Not only a powerful story, but a journey to revelations about Leadership that will make you think differently about the way you see the world.





The Difference

The graphics in Light On Leadership brings a different dimension. With line sketches and photographs, you are invited to bring your right brain into the story.




It's alive

The principles in the book has been turned into a workshop/teambuilding, where EXCO teams are invited to seeing the landscape of leadership through different lenses, at different angles. They learn to zoom in on what really matters, to find focus, and to see the bigger (or smaller) picture.