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When the wheels come off.

The wheels had come off.
He was on his own.
Is that not true sometimes? When the wheels come off in the drama of life, we find ourselves alone?
Well, take note that it’s mostly a “feeling” and not a fact. And even if it seems like a fact, it’s a very subjective fact, which makes it no fact at all!
But what if it is a fact?
Well, make sure you spend the time well, make sure you use the winter of life to prepare for the spring that’s coming.
Spring always follows winter.
And if it seems to be happening too slow, don’t just sit there, start pushing the car!





Early morning.
There is nothing like early mornings.
Everything fresh, the colors keep on changing, expectation in the air.
Anien, my daughter was running on a dune with a friend.

Too often the break of dawn brings the newspapers and newsbulletins.
Mostly negative.
Sunchasing is about the positive stuff.
Loving the break of day.
Looking forward to gifts bestowed by the day:
Moments – turning into seconds, minutes and hours.
Moments to run towards the sun, passionately pursuing the fire and delights of our purpose.



What if your body left?
What would remain behind?

We call it legacy.
It matters more than we think…
I think.


Two years ago my son’s pre-primary school had a Visitor’s day for grandparents. As I was taking pictures, I was drawn to the beauty of hands. Old hands and young hands were working together, painting together and being together. It reminded me…

My grandma used to have hands filled with blue veins, which she used to knit and create. My mom had gentle, comforting hands. My dad had strong healing hands. When I think of these hands, none of them being on earth anymore, I realize that we have to use our hands to make the world a better place.

And how do we do it?
Well, reach out to the many miracles that surround you. Touch a tree, caress a flower, hold a hand.

Reach out.
Lend a hand.



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