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Keynotes and Conference Speaking

As an ever popular keynote speaker, Igno van Niekerk adapts to any audience. His presentations are personal, powerful and touching. Igno’s unique gift is to turn complex concepts into simple stories. Whether you need a thought-leader to challenge your team, or an inspirational speaker to touch their hearts, Igno’s messages is sure to make a difference. For more information and keynote topics, see below.

Keynote Presentation

Believing is Seeing
45 Mins - 1 Hour

Believing is Seeing

A presentation about living, loving, learning and leaving a legacy that will make you laugh, think and cry - often at the same time.

Keynote Presentation

Bounce Back.
45 Mins - 1 Hour

Bounce Back

A presentation about resilience. Why we need it, how to find it and what to do to strengthen it.
Using photographs and stories from real life, Igno will make you reflect on your own inner strength.

Keynote Presentation

The Power of Vision
45 Mins - 1 Hour

The Power of Vision

A presentation about those who find strength in their vision.
Using stories and photographs, Igno shares experiences that will remind you that vision is one of the most underestimated powers in the world.

Keynote Presentation

45 Mins - 1 Hour


Using photographs and sharing stories, Igno makes you aware of how we are unaware of what we need to really be aware of.

Light On Leadership Executive Workshops (1-2 days)

Igno’s Light on Leadership workshops are life changing experiences. Often used for team building and strategizing, Igno brings a wealth of knowledge about leadership and experiential learning to your team. Often using photography as a metaphor, teams are challenged to re-imagine the way they work. An experiential learning workshop that will change the way you view life, learning and leadership.

Storytelling and Creativity Workshops

Shift your creative boundaries. Be rejuvenated. A team-experience that will make you realize how limitless you really are.
Igno is often joined by experienced associates to turn this into one of the most thought provoking, imagination igniting workshops you will ever attend.




More From Igno

Other sessions, courses and mini-sessions:


Learn how to Learn. Your are a genius, let's prove it.

A fun-filled learning Experience that will reveal 10 unique learning styles

During this inspirational experience, Igno challenges you to learn 10 principles from a business book before you leave the room. Guided by Igno, you will find the power of using a variety of ways to learn, including your imagination, body, stories, assimilation, logic and more.

“An Absolute must for anyone in Education.”

Presentation Skills

Adapt your presentations to WOW the 21st Century Audience


We need to make a radical mindshift in terms of how we present, what we present and why we present. As a presenter, you need to consider your audience, involve them and ensure that your message is conveyed clearly.
Igno has been training and coaching presenters for the past 10 years. He has attended lecturers and co-presented workshops with some of the top educators/presenters/facilitators and storytellers in the world. This experience is brought into a practical, hands-on experience.
Course duration: 1.5 – 2 days.

Strategic Planning Workshops

Need to consider the future?


When facilitating Strategic Planning Workshops, Igno brings experience from lecturing an MBA module on Strategic Planning. Map out different scenarios, refocus your vision and find ways to work more effectively.
The duration of this workshop is determined by your needs and requirements.
Don’t wait for the future – Create it.


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+27 83 376 1330 (International) / 083 376 1330 (South Africa)