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5 Toring Avenue, Spitzkop, Bloemfontein, South Africa


Email: igno@ignovanniekerk.com


Welcome to the Homepage of Igno van Niekerk.

Keynote Speaking

Igno’s passion for photography, his love for learning and his original stories ensure that the audience will be on a consistent roller coaster ride of laughing, crying, learning and eventually seeing life in in a different way.



Igno’s book, Light On Leadership, is an expression of his passions for history, photography, storytelling and leadership development. A Business Book unlike any other you have seen before.

Workshops and Teambuilding

Every Workshop and Team-Building event is different. Using photography as metaphor, stories as inroads and by engaging with the workshop environment through holistic experiences, Igno’s workshops are renowned for leading to creative insights, practical ideas and co-operative learning.

More about Igno

Why you might want to consider Igno to do a keynote, training or facilitation session with your team.

Passionate Learner

I attempt to read at least one Business related book per week.  This assists me in keeping with Business Trends as well as understanding the fundamentals of Business in an ever changing, ever expanding environment.

Finding Stories

Having written weekly columns as well as regular articles for the media over the past ten years, I have learnt that Stories are everywhere.  Stories are powerful, the way in which we tell them are often indicative of the direction our lives and business strategy will take.


As a part time lecturer on Leadership and motivation (BML degree) as well as Strategy (MBA), I learnt the importance of adding substance to presentations and workshops. Facilitation should not be done in an academic way, but as I facilitator I need to ensure that I stay on top of trends, ideas and ideals in the realm of leadership.

Corporate Trainer

As a corporate trainer, I have the benefit of staying in touch with real world challenges. The corporate environment is consistently looking for thought leaders who are not only idealistic, but also realistic. The corporate environment keeps me grounded and curious in terms of finding balance, overcoming challenges and sharing experience and experiences.


As a keen photographer, I often work with the relationship between photographic and leadership concepts. In workshops, we often investigate the practical and theoretical challenges of Big Picture Thinking, Focus, Zooming In, and other relations between photography, life and business.

Sense of Humour

I believe laughter is essential to learning. When I present or facilitate I believe that the audience should become emotionally involved in the presentation/session. Laughter is not only the best medicine, it is also the best way to package important information.


Written more than 700 Newspaper and Magazine Columns over the Past 10 years: Finding Stories to tell


Igno has read more than 1000 Business and Personal Growth Books, currently part of his personal Library.


Photo Cards in Igno's ``Self Coaching`` deck currently for sale. The pictures combine with 32 Coaching Questions.


5 University Qualifications: BA (Languages), BA Hons (English), MA (Linguistics), MA (History), HED (Higher Education Diploma)

Recent Events and Experiences

Recent Travels, Readings and Events.


One of the best venues I have had the privilege to work at.


It was great to share the “Story behind the Story,” at the Literature Festival at the Free State Arts Festival.


Used Tomas Friedman’s book, Thank you for being Late as a point of departure for a the keynote: FUTURETHINK.


Spent time in Cape Town teaching Story-selling. Could use my latest product, Story Cards – and had great fun with delegates learning the power of story when selling.


I was privileged to work with the new leader team for Oranje Meisieskool (Oranje Girls High School). A team that is creating and not awaiting the future. (See video to the right)


A great venue often makes a tremendous difference in terms of delegates’ experience of a a function. When I presented at a function for doctor’s receptionists in Welkom, the venue fitted ideally with the theme: Memories. Some pictures and video of the venue in the video to the left.

Do you want to Know more about Igno's book, Light on Leadership?