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Igno believes that every interaction should be an experience which leads to the unleashing of the positive potential of his audience.

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Short CV: (Informal).

Igno van Niekerk’s main achievement was completing pre-primary school. He is grateful that there were no “school-readiness” assessments at the time, as he might never have been allowed to attend pre-primary school, let alone complete his subsequent schooling. After surviving school, he had to complete his compulsory National Service, which he was also glad to survive.

He then attended the University of the Free State where he studied Languages and completed a Higher Education Diploma. His passion for teaching took him back to his alma-mater, Voortrekker High School in Bethlehem. He still wonders why he was appointed, but he believes that he was probably a forgettable student- which worked in his favor. He taught at Voortrekker for five years, whilst studying part time at the University of Stellenbosch, completing his MA degree in Linguistics.

Igno continued pursuing his passion for Education by becoming involved in the directing and producing of educational video’s for the Free State Dept of Education, thoroughly enjoying the creative freedom and learning opportunities he was allowed.

For the past 22 years Igno has been doing training on Leadership/Presentation Skills/Sales/Social Media etc. for national and multi-national companies. During this time, he has completed his MA degree in History as well as completing his exams to qualify as a Certified Financial Planner.  He has been a part time lecturer at the University of the Free State’s Business School (teaching Leadership and Strategy for the BML and MBA courses). Igno is a keen photographer, and his book, Light On Leadership is based on his passion for leadership, photography, history and storytelling. He also writes a weekly column for a regional newspaper.

Igno is an Adobe Certified Trainer on Photoshop and Lightroom. He was also the creator of the biggest Afrikaans speaking social network for photographers, fotoskool.

Igno is married to Arne, and they have two children, Benno and Anien. The family has four dogs, two cats and a living-in mother-in-law.


Below is a digital CV (for those analytical people who always want to know more :-).

Summary CV

An overview of Igno’s Qualifications and Experience

Igno is a keen learner – always curious to find out more. He believes that curiosity is the greatest gift we have been endowed with. His love for learning shows in all his presentations.

University Qualifications

Igno is ever grateful for the sacrifices his parents were willing to make to allow him to go to university. He has 2 MA degrees and is currently studying for a PhD where he focuses on Storytelling in Organizations.

MA History (UFS)

MA Degree History

Completed in 2007

“History teaches us about Leadership”

MA Linguistics (US)

MA Degree Linguistics

University of Stellenbosch

“Language is one of the foundations of Leadership.”

BA Hons (English) (UFS)

BA Hons (English)

University of the Free State

“Stories are tools to change lives.”

MA History

MA Degree History

Completed in 2007

“History teaches us about Leadership”

Other Qualifications

Igno believes that the more we learn, the more we have to share.

An overview of Igno’s Digital Qualifications

Digital Transformation

Since the dawning of the information age, Igno has believed that one should enjoy and embrace new technology. Always pushing the boundary of his knowledge, he qualified as a Microsoft Systems Engineer, A Certified Internet Webmaster an A+ Service Technician. As Igno became more interested in leadership his focus shifted and he recently completed courses in Digital Transformation and Artificial Intelligence.


Igno is passionate about unleashing potential. He has a keen interest in coaching and his FotoFUNatix coaching card game has been an extension of his love for seeing others grow and develop. He holds coaching qualifications from the University of the Free State, Wits Business School, University of Cape Town and Mental Combat Training.

Financial Coaching (UFS)

Financial Coaching

University of the Free State

“Based on Ontological Coaching”

NLP Practitioner

NLP Practitioner Certificate

Mental Combat Training

“Neuro Linguistic Programming.”

Life Coach

Lifecoach (NLP)

Mental Combat Training

“Coaching to make a difference.”

3 D Coaching

3 D Coaching Facilitator

3 D Coaching Institute

“It’s about the person more than the result”

An overview of  Courses Attended

Despite the fact that the schools Igno attended were not conducive to creating passionate, life-long learners, Igno has always enjoyed learning new and interesting skills. The variety of courses he has attended has not only helped him to develop as a person but has allowed him to meet different people and make wonderful friends.

Courses Attended