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On this page Igno shares some of his favourite internet-based learning experiences. He has added his own comments to indicate why he enjoys these speakers.

Ken Robinson on Creativity

Ken Robinson’s Ted talk is one of my favourites. His insight, combined with a sense of humour is a great way to land his view that we all need to find our Element (Purpose). It reminds me of the poet David Whyte who quotes Rilke’s poem about a swan – completely unsure when it is outside the water – but when it gets into its element – it becomes graceful, beautiful and “in flow.”

Sir Ken Robinson

Simon Sinek on ``The Power of Why.``

I love to listen to Simon Sinek. After his talk about the power of why, he has shared some wonderful thoughts on “Leaders it Last” and several other aspects of business and life. His always uses a calm, logical way to share his views. His book “Finding your Why” provides a simple template to consider when thinking about your purpose.

Simon Sinek

Susan Cain on The Power of Introverts

In a world where most people want to be heard and we often forget to listen, Susan Cain reminds us once again of the hidden power of introverts. Too often we do not make time to listen to the people who take the time to process and think about concepts. A friend of mine who was concerned that his child may disappear under the radar at school share this video with the class teacher.

Susan Cain

Brene Brown on Vulnerability

I was privileged to attend a live session with Brene Brown at an ATD conference. Since her TED talk she has written several books showing that one needs to be brave in order to be vulnerable. According to Brown, being vulnerable is often an underrated strength in a leader’s toolkit.

Brene Brown

Robert Fulghum on The Power of Teachers

Robert Fulghum is one of my favourite storytellers. The story of Norman is such a wonderful example of a teacher who was willing to think outside the proverbial nine dots. Teachers have tremendous power – and with power comes responsibility: The responsibility to allow kids to dream … like Norman.

And yes, transformation is the name of the game in education.

Robert Fulghum

Ben Zander on Transformational Power of Classical Music

Ben Zander’s talk is surprising in the way that it uses classical music as a metaphor for so many aspects of leadership. Great leaders allow “the applause” to filter through to the people who are “making the music.”

Ben Zander

Molly Wright on how every child can thrive before the age of five

Molly Wright’s talk is not only cute, practical and informative. It is also a great lesson in presentation skills. Make the time to watch this – even making use of a “live” prop :-).

Molly Wright