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Igno believes that every interaction should be an experience which leads to the unleashing of the positive potential of his audience.

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5 Toring Ave, Bloemfontein, South Africa.





The following keynote experiences are available in person and online:

Believing is Seeing

Keynote Presentation
45 - 90 minutes

What is it about?

Igno shares photos and stories that touches hearts and minds - showing you how to live, love, learn, laugh and leave a legacy.

Bouncing Back

Keynote Presentation
45 - 90 Minutes

What is it about?

Join Igno as he shares photos and stories that will introduce you to the power of Resilience - it is not that difficult to BOUNCE BACK ...

Lens on Life

Keynote Presentation
45 - 90 Minutes

What is it about?

Igno brings you a new perspective by placing you behind the viewfinder from where you perceive life, showing how who you are is a mirror of your choice of focus.

Dancing with Da Vinci

Keynote Presentation
45 - 90 minutes

What is it about?

As we enter the 4th Industrial Revolution, who better to learn from than Leonardo Da Vinci? Based on books by Michael Gelb and others.

Highlights and Experiences

Light on Leadership Workshops

A different angle on leadership

In these workshops Igno uses principles of photography and story-telling to make leaders consider the way they lead and influence the landscape of their leadership.


Telling and Listening to stories to transform your business

In these workshops Igno uses stories to make delegates reflect on how they can use their imaginations to create alternative futures that will leave them excited, energized and committed to creating great stories.



Touching hearts, minds and nurturing the spirit

Using humor, stories and photographs, Igno’s keynote presentations are always energizing, fun and aimed at transforming the lens through which businesses and individuals view their lives.


10 Ways to learn and memorize faster 

In this era of Knowledge work, information flow and rapid change, we need to learn smarter and not harder. In this workshop (online or in-person), Igno shows you how you can playfully tap into your inner genius.

Presentation Excellence

Do not merely present – Create an Experience

It is terrible how many presenters use a podium as a means of putting audiences to sleep or boring them into zombies with seemingly interested facial expressions. Let Igno show you how to turn presentations into experiences and bring audiences back to life.